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Today internet marketing providing various offers and opportunities to earn money online by doing work from home without investment.

Mainly, these jobs are easy to do and it is flexible for you to work at the desired time. There are no other external pressures other than the turn around time to finish the jobs, that is manageable.

Introducing Myself: I have been in online marketing since 5+ Years and seen various highs and lows of it. Infact, i have tasted earlier losses and huge successes in the long run. I have worked in various niches starting from webdesigning, SEO, advertising, social media marketing, email marketing, affiliate marketing and many more of it. Here, i am going to share certain ideas, that will help you to understand the basics of internet marketing and how to start earning online.

Make money online methods And ways

Doing Jobs Via Freelancing Sites:

There are many well known freelancing sites which is having very good traffic of buyers. All you need to do is to visit those sites and register yourself and check the jobs which are posted and bid a amount with your previous work/ some examples. By, bidding relevant jobs with attractive rate, you can be lucky to get a job very quickly. Sometimes it takes time to get your first job, as the reviews are important to get more and more jobs, reviews are the trust flow for you. But, try with good examples and neat explained message to the buyer, that way you will get job quickly.

You can check sites like,, and

 Doing Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is evergreen as long as the internet marketing is live. Because, product owners need affiliates to promote their product to large audience to make more sales and exposure. So, there are many ways, you can promote a product with good affiliate commission. Affiliate marketing is really suitable for one, who doesn’t have the time/idea to create their own product. You can just start promoting other interesting product, which will help others.

You can create a website with reviews of the product or create some youtube videos about the product details with its advantages. This will help you to start good in affiliate marketing. You can check sites like

Doing Email Marketing

Email Marketing is less known for many of the internet marketing members. But, this email marketing is giving you long term effect and give you a passive income opportunity. You can either buy solo ads from other well known email marketers or create a new list by targeting the users from facebook, youtube.

There are many good email platforms sites like getresponse, mailchimp, constantcontact, Aweber etc.

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