how to make money by blogging online

by admin on November 3, 2014

Blogging is evergreen model to make money online. Everyone has a style, idea and important knowledge to share with the masses of internet users. These days, internet users numbers are increased daily. Many new members start accessing internet looking for information. They are all information hungry and will help you in many ways.  In this article we will see uses of blogging and how to make money by blogging online, how new internet users will help you to get more visitors.

Why blogging is good for future.

Any new information with authentic information will be respected by readers. So, blogging is always alive. Once visitors are inspired by your information then they will follow your blog for lifetime. Also, they will share your content with their friends of thousands. That way your blog will get variety of visitors from different region and demographics. Once your blog become well known then each of your blog post will get lot of respect in internet marketing arena.

Thirty Second Rule:

Each visitors visiting any internet page will not spend more than five to thirty seconds before moving to another page. They are looking for information in first sight with full length and neat explanation. So, Write the information with step by step explanation with added images showing the method. Because, images are better than thousand words.

Also, make sure your blog has good navigation that gives good user experience. Users will follow the blog that has good GUI.(graphical user interface).

How to gain traffic to your blog: Once you created the blog, you can’t expect thousands of visitors rightaway. Here, i am giving certain methods that will help to attain unique and relevant visitors to your blog.

Sharing on Social Media:

Always involve in discussions that are happening in social media sites like twitter, facebook and other well known sites. Share you content with relevant non spammy method and gain exposure with the masses.

Sharing your views on niche forums:

Forums are good kind to give more and more niche specific referral traffic. Because of the information being shared and the members start debating about a topic. There will be many different users with different ideas. That way, you will get more knowledge at the same time, your blog being noticed by the masses and shared.

Commenting on relevant blogs:

Good commenters are always get noticed, once you start commenting on good blogs. You will get niche relevant traffic that will help your blog again with unique visitors.

Make money from blogging:

This itself is a big topic to be shared. You can monetize the blogs with advertisement spaces, affiliate links and other ad creativity to gain money from your blog. you can also provide services like blog creation, content creation to like minded bloggers and newbies those need help in starting blogging.

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how to earn money online using youtube

by admin on October 15, 2014

We are going to learn how to earn money online using Youtube is one of the leading video uploading site. Where, each day hundreds of thousands of videos uploaded. The watchers are viewing videos in million times. This is the busy site with hundreds of unique visitors directly and many are searching from google. we have to use this opportunity and earn money online.

There are many steps, you can earn via youtube.

1. Earning via affiliate marketing

You can check sites like clickbank, jvzoo and others to look for new products. You can create review videos for the products in your unique own way, either by doing yourself or buying a review video from fiverr. Add your affilaite link in the description as well as the end of the video. Don’t overuse it otherwise, your video viewers will go for other videos thus you are losing a potential lead to your affiliate sales.

Once it is done, you can upload it and share it with your friends to upvote it. You can also buy retention views and ordinary views to the video. This way, video will get ranking movement inside youtube search. So, your video will get maximum visitors.

2. Earn using email marketing

This is one of the other important method. Once you setup the video and placed your affiliate link. You are always concentrate to get more and more visitors to view your video. Not all of them are interested and buy after seeing your video. Few of them  are undecided and waiting for more review or discounts. So, To hold them up. You have to use this email marketing trick by placing some interesting relevant free offers either in-between the video or at the end of the video to get them to signup for our email list. So that, you can send them reminder email or more direct review email later to get them buy. This is a goldmine as the subscribers will buy from your link for long time. to increase youtube views

Simply increasing youtube views itself is not going to help. You need to diversify and increase retention views. You may wonder what is retention views. it is nothing but the real users viewing time of a youtube. Once this one increases your video will increase in rank and get you many hits for your video. You can either send your video to your friends to get the likes or buy it from good fiverr gigs.

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